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Obesity continues to be a rising worry in countries where individuals continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Following an unhealthy lifestyle may include continuous unhealthy eating choices, inadequate amount of sleep, and privation of physical actions. It’s no surprise that our lives in general can get busy and/or hectic at times providing less time to stick with healthy routines. However, it is important to maintain one’s well-being and to take part in being healthy on a daily basis. Weight gain is a realization for many individuals. Weight gain can have the capability to make an impact in one’s daily life. At times doctors may recommend trying a pill to help an individual decrease his or her weight.

Phentermine is a well-known medication that is recommended to help one decrease his or her weight. It was first brought to the spotlight in the year 1959. Phentermine helps to decrease one’s appetite. Since it helps to decrease one’s appetite it is becoming more commonly used to help treat individuals that are dealing with obesity. With the combination of healthy eating, continuous exercise, and taking this medication an individual can treat obesity as well as shed unwanted weight at a faster rate.

This medication triggers an individual’s brain to arouse the adrenal glands. Once the adrenal glands are aroused then the body releases norepinephrine. The norepinephrine provokes the body to feel less hungry. This medication also helps to produce dopamine and serotonin in the body. As a result, an individual will experience a decrease in having cravings. This medication helps an individual to feel an increase of adeptness and attentiveness by increasing an individual’s amount of liveliness and focus.

One benefit associated with phentermine is decrease in weight. Phentermine provides a faster way to lose weight compared to other weight loss suggestions out there. This medication arouses particular hormones that help decrease one's appetite. Therefore, one tends to eat less when taking phentermine. Eventually, the stomach gets used to less food being consumed and begins to shrink. Phentermine helps to shape one's stomach. As a result, the suggested portion of food throughout the day becomes part of one's lifestyle on a regular basis. This medication can help an individual lose 5-15% body mass. Overall, this medication provides an individual with a higher chance of being able to decrease weight.

Another benefit associated with phentermine is increased energy. Many individuals have indicated that after taking phentermine he or she feels an increase of energy. With an increase of energy individuals feel a sense that he or she can perform everyday tasks much easier. Also, with an extra boost of energy an individual can experience an increase of energy while exercising. Overall, having an increase of energy is very important while wanting to decrease weight.

A metabolism increase is another beneficial aspect of using this medication. An increase of metabolism helps the body to consistently lose weight. An increase in metabolism also helps the body to have a higher chance of keeping weight off. This medication serves as a means to obtain an increased metabolism. Overall, this medication increases the efficiency of one's metabolism while trying to lose weight.

Overall, the beneficial aspects associated with this medication provide one with a more healthier and energetic lifestyle on a daily basis.

Avoid taking phentermine when pregnant and/or breast feeding. An individual should also not consider taking phentermine if he or she has prior experience of complications. These complications include coronary blood vessel ailment, irregular heart sounding patterns, experiencing a stroke, congestive problems with the heart, blood pressure that is severe and/or unable to control consistently, thyroid that functions in a continuous state, being in an stressed state, and having prior experience with drug and/or alcohol addiction. It is also important that an individual should not take phentermine if he or she has taken an inhibitor within the past 14 days. Taking phentermine within 14 days of taking an inhibitor could cause a very perilous interaction to happen. Some MAO associated inhibitor brands include Zyvox, Nardil, Azilect, Zelapar, Parnate, and Marplan.

Avoid combining phentermine with other medications used for diet purposes. Combining phentermine with other medications used for diet purposes can cause an uncommon deadly lung ailment. The uncommon deadly lung ailment is known as respiratory hypertension. Make sure to ask your doctor if it is safe to use phentermine with any diet related medications that you’re taking.

Always avoid sharing phentermine with other individuals. This diet associated medication can be habit developing. It is very important to never share your phentermine with an individual that has had a prior history of abusing drugs and/or being an addict at some point. Always keep this medication in a safe area that is not visible to others. This will decrease the chances of this medication getting into the wrong hands and/or getting shared with other individuals.

A child that is younger than 16 should also not take phentermine.

This medication is only possible to obtain after having a direct session with a prescribing specialist. It is highly recommended that this medication is prescribed for short-term use. This medication is typically prescribed by a doctor for a maximum of 12 weeks. The available dosages for this medication are 15mg, 30mg, and 37.5mg. The doctor will prescribe the amount of dosage for an individual depending on an individual’s evaluation as well as health circumstances.

Make sure that phentermine is taken exactly how it is recommended by the doctor. It is important to look at the label on the bottle and follow the specific instructions. Make sure to follow the amount of dosage on the prescribed bottle. Do not try to take more than suggested and/or less than suggested while taking phentermine. Also do not take this medication for a longer duration than suggested by the doctor.

Some of the phentermine brands available should be taken before consuming breakfast. There are some phentermine brands that suggest taking it after breakfast preferably 2 hours later. The Suprenza tablet can be consumed with food or without food. There is a specific way to take Suprenza. First an individual’s hands should be dry. If an individual’s hands are dry then an individual can proceed with taking the tablet out of its bottle and putting it in the mouth. Once the tablet is in the mouth it will dissolve immediately. Do not chew and/or swallow the tablet. Instead let the Suprenza tablet completely dissolve. This medication also comes in the form of a capsule. When taking this medication in the form of a capsule typically an individual is recommended to take one a day. The capsule is recommended to be taken before eating breakfast or between 10-14 hours before one's bedtime. When taking this medication in the capsule form make sure to only swallow.

It is important while taking phentermine to not take it past 6:00 PM. Taking it past 6:00 PM can cause sleep complications. To avoid any sleep complications from occurring it is best to take this medication earlier during one’s day.

In regards to the duration of time it is important to not take phentermine for a long period of time. It is highly suggested to take this medication for a short duration. The suggested duration for taking this medication is only several weeks.

It is important to not just quit taking phentermine cold turkey. Do not just quit taking this medication suddenly. Stopping this medication suddenly could result in unpleasant symptoms. Talk to your doctor about quitting. It is important to seek advice from a doctor to help provide proper ways to stop taking this medication.

It is important to store this medication away from humidity and warmth. This medication is best at room temperature.

Sometimes life gets hectic and we simply can become forgetful. If missing a dose occurs while taking phentermine it is possible to take the does right away. However, it is recommended not to take the missed dose if it is close to the time of a scheduled dose. Also, never take an extra amount of this medication to make up for the dose that was missed. Taking an extra amount of this medication can cause unwanted side effects.

Phentermine can have side effects. Some side effects may include shortness with breathing, immense pain in the chest, swelling, fast heartbeats, consistent confusion and/or petulance, unfamiliar feelings and/or conduct, intense joy and/or depression, or extreme increase of blood pressure.

Phentermine also can have some common side effects amongst individuals. Some of the more common side effects may include being restless, being overactive, experiencing a consistent headache, feeling consistently dizzy, tremors, extreme insomnia, having consistent dryness in mouth, experiencing a consistent bad taste in one's mouth, constipation, an extreme, or increase and/or decrease regarding sex.

It is important to notify the doctor immediately if one experiences the following major side effects. These major side effects may need medical attention: experiencing visual, tactile, and/or auditory hallucinations, extreme changes with one's mental state, extreme consistent, pain in the chest area, exercising decline, fainting, heartbeat pounding at a fast pace, numbness, consistent shaking, feeling weak on a daily basis, difficulty processing information, talking, and/or walking, or consistent swelling of the legs and in the lower area.

While taking phentermine an individual may experience side effects that do not linger but go away in time. As one's body becomes accustomed to the medication it is possible for side effects to disappear. Your healthcare expert possibly can help preclude or decrease the following side effects from happening. Some minor side effects that may occur include decline of sexual interest, difficulty pooping, false idea of one's well-being, skin feeling itchy, skin having a, consistent rash, breaking out with welts, or amplified sexual interest.

While taking this medication one may experience withdrawal side effects. The common withdrawal effects that one may experience include exhaustion, increase of weight, restlessness, or truncated mood.

To decrease the chances of withdrawal side effects from occurring the doctor may progressively decrease one's dosage amount.

The FDA have done trials on this medication. From the data from various studies The Food and Drug Administration was able to come to the conclusion that phentermine does work. The trials and studies proved that this medication does provide benefits. It proved that it can be very helpful for those that are at a higher risk health wise.

In the United States there are more than 20 companies that supply this medication. A very well-known and trusted company that supplies phentermine in the United States is InvaGen Pharmaceuticals. This company gained the license to be able to sell this medication pill in the year 2014.

Phentermine is a very popular diet related medication. It opens up the possibility for one to take back control of his or her life and live a healthier lifestyle. This medication provides numerous benefits that helps an individual reach maximum efficiency on a daily basis. Along with numerous benefits there are also precautions to consider before taking phentermine. It is important to talk to a doctor when considering trying this diet related medication. It is important to follow the amount of dosage prescribed by a doctor. Make sure to follow how to consume the medication as well and when to take the medication. Phentermine can cause side effects both minor and major. Make sure to seek help if major side effects occur while taking this medication. Always seek medical attention if necessary. Speak to a doctor if withdrawal symptoms occur while on this medication. A doctor may be able to help decrease an individual's symptoms.

Overall, phentermine is a beneficial medication that is highly recommended.